Soccer Goalie Scores Goal from 70 meters out (Video)

Soccer Goalie Scores Goal from 70 meters outDario Capogrosso is a goalkeeper for CAI, which is an Argentine second division soccer club. As you will see, he’s got some serious leg. I wouldn’t be surprised if some NFL scouts give his phone a ring just to do kickoffs for a team. Power plus accuracy equals amazing goal.

Now that you’ve seen the video, what do you think is more impressive — the goal or the super-awesome call by the announcer? It’s too close to call. At least Capogrosso’s using his mega-powerful leg for a good purpose, not like some of the other soccer players that like to stomp on crotches. After the goal he’s a bit too excited. That’s completely understandable, but he looks like he wants to break into some sort of dance but can’t decide which one to do. When all else fails, you should just go to old reliable like Deron Williams and bust out the chicken dance.

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle]

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