USHL Goalie Fight (Video)

USHL Goalie FightI’m thoroughly convinced that goalie fights is the best way for hockey to make a major comeback in the lives of sports fans (and its media).  That’s why I believe it is imperative to relay this USHL clip of the two goalies throwing fisticuffs at one another at center ice as the rest of the hockey world looks, and cheers, on.

Green Bay Gambler’s Steve Summerhays and Chicago Steel’s Nick Pisellini were the goalie-fighters at center ice and as if this lone instance wasn’t awesomely enough, it was their third (!) fight in less than a year against one another.  The two, who Summerhays says are friends off the ice, just wanted to give a record Green Bay crowd something to talk about later over some brewskis.

Now, I don’t think the brawl matches the status of some epic NHL goalie fights (Vernon v. Roy, for one), but it definitely did not lack dramatic value.  They each get in some good blows, there was even a brief head lock at one point, and Pisellini’s shirt came off for the ladies, revealing a tat on his left shoulder.

NHL scouts have to love the fire in these netminders, because it’s a pretty cool thing to see a young goalie standing up for himself and his teammates, no matter the circumstances.

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