You Would Do What For Marlins Tickets?

You Would Do What For Marlins Tickets

The extent to which some people will go for a ticket to a premiere sporting event can be quite extreme at times, but it isn’t everyday that someone gets the opportunity to see the Super Bowl, or the first World Series game at the new Yankee Stadium.

So when an individual offers up a body part or enormous amounts of cash for the chance to witness these historic events, although unusual, the logic behind their decision can be somewhat understood.

However, when one crazy die hard fan offers to have his anus penetrated by any taker’s fist for some measly Florida Marlins tickets, we can’t help but ask, ‘why?’  I guess when you think about it, sitting through an entire Marlins baseball game may very well be more excruciating than getting ass-fisted.  But why suffer through the pain of either?

Hat Tip Pic – [Deadspin]

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