Ball Girls Don’t Get Any Hotter Than This (Video)

hooters ball girlSure, we have seen some sexy ball girls in various sports before, but does it get any better than what the Philadelphia Phillies bring us year after year?  After seeing this clip, I think it is fair to say the answer to that question is simply “NO.”

During the ninth inning of a pre-season game yesterday afternoon between the Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays, a foul ball off the bat of Elliot Johnson seemed to get more attention than you would expect.  At first you may find yourself asking “what are all those men in the background looking at,” but once the Comcast cameras cut to the hot Hooters ball girl running along the first base line with her shorts wedged up her ass, it all begins to make sense.

And to think that this was only spring training.  I can’t wait to see the crop of talent the Phillies will be providing once the regular season begins in a few weeks.

Hat Tip – [The Fightins]

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