Canucks Fans Uses Ducks Fan’s Face As A Punching Bag

Canucks Fans Uses Ducks Fan's Face As A Punching BagThe ice isn’t the only place you will see fists being thrown at a hockey game.  Especially when the Anaheim Ducks are playing.

There was no shortage of interesting things taking place in the stands at GM Place last night during a game between the Ducks and the Vancouver Canucks.  Down near ice level, some were able to witness what appeared to be the third member of the Sedin twins, who was taking in the action on the ice.  And up above, in the nose bleed section, a few fans were providing some action of their own.  Unfortunately for the Ducks fan, his face was simply the recipient of all the action as the Canucks fan delivered it with several right hands.

When you factor in the home ice advantage, and the fact that the Canucks fan was a step above his opponent, it is clear that the Ducks fan never stood a chance.  Not even the guard rail could save him from the beating he endured.

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