Brazilian Soccer Players Pepper Sprayed By Police (Video)

Brazilian Soccer Players Pepper Sprayed By PoliceAt times is can be tough to control soccer players when things get out of control on the pitch, but the Brazilian police may have found the answer to all of South America and Eurpoe’s problems.

Pepper Spray!

During a Serie D match in the Brazilian state of Rondonia this past Sunday, Genus’ Robson was sent off the field for a red card as his team trailed Moto Clube by a score of 3-0.  That was when things got interesting.  With Robson refusing to leave the field, and several of the Genus players confronting the referee, police entered the pitch in an attempt to remove the ejected player.  When their initial efforts did not work, they resorted to pepper spray.

The incident left several players and even some fans in pain, and Robson along with six teammates and the Genus coach have since resigned.

Whether the police were out of line remains to be determined by the Rondonia authorities, but you can bet that these players will think twice before stepping out of line again.

Hat Tip – [World Soccer]

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