Tim Tebow Now Avaliable For Wedding Proposals? (Video)

tebow proposalWhen it comes to marriage proposals, chicks these days are always looking for something romantic, creative, and original.  It seems as though even a classic hockey game proposal will no longer suffice.  It kind of makes me sick.  I mean, what ever happened to a good old fashion, getting down on one knee during diner and asking her to marry you?  Now all they want is for you to surprise her thousands of miles away at an exotic location, or have a plane fly overhead with a giant sign on it.  When did us males sign up for this crap?

Well at least Tim Tebow is looking out for the average guy and assisting us men when we need it the most.  Does it get any more romantic and awe-inspiring than having the former Gators quarterback and his Heisman trophy in attendance as you get down on one knee and ask you wife to be your ball and chain for eternity?

With that all settled, perhaps now they can get Tebow to marry them as well.  And if they are smart, they may also want to consider having him fertilize the womb of the new bride-to-be.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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