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David Beckham’s Injury Means Less Sex

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, March 30, 2010

David Beckham and victoriaInjuries are an unfortunate reality in all the games we love to watch. It can cost a player money, a shot at a championship, potential endorsements and even some rompage between the sheets. That’s right, sports fans. Get hurt on the field and it may cost you your sex life for a while. That’s what has happened to David Beckham.

As if Beckham wasn’t bummed out enough by having to miss the World Cup, now he is under doctor’s orders to keep an aircast on his foot at all times, including while he is bed. The foot boot will protect his surgically repaired Achilles tendon, but the British footballer has been issued 3-month no sex edict by his doctors. If he has some toe-curling sex he could re-rupture the tendon.

That’s a tough order to follow through with, especially when your wife is one of the hottest 25 WAGs on the planet. But with Beckham setting his sights toward the 2012 Olympics, perhaps he can resist his beautiful wife for 3 months. As long as they don’t have any posters of Victoria Beckham’s Armani shoot hanging in the house, maybe Davie boy can make it through.

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