The John Wall Windshield Wiper (Video)

The John Wall Windshield Wiper

We have a worthy addition to the pantheon of great sports gifts and souvenirs. We already have the #1 Foam Finger. And the Beer Helmet. Now, we have the John Wall Dunking Windshield Wiper.

First off, we have to congratulate the maker for not misspelling anything, as opposed to the John Wall jersey fail we all saw earlier this season. Besides spelling things right, it’s a pretty cool sports gift idea, one that will hopefully make this budding entrepreneur some nice dollars. It won’t be anything like the bling that Wall will be getting after he is the #1 pick in June’s NBA draft, but he deserves some decent profits for his imagination and fine product. Or at least a spot on the next “Apprentice”.

Who knows? With all the good readers here at Total Pro Sports, maybe this guy sells enough of these that he is able to walk around with some JaMarcus Russell-like bling. It could happen.

Hat Tip Video – [BallsDon’tLie]

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