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This Drop Kick Never Stood A Chance

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Tags:  Drop Kick   Eva Torres   WWE  

eva torres botchYou can chalk this one up as an incredibly poor acting performance on the part of WWE Diva, Eva Torres.  I mean, we all know that wrestling is fake, but I could only imagine what her opponent was thinking while going down after this botched drop kick attempt…

“Well don’t I look like a complete moron falling from the wind of a drop kick that missed by a good three feet.”

Yes, you do look like a complete jackass.  If you had played it cool, you could have just stood over your inaccurate opponent and laughed at her poor effort.  After all, faking an injury from this is almost as bad as pretending a female’s ass rubbed in your face is painful (not that we haven’t seen it happen before).  Only in the the world of sports entertainment wrestling.