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Duncan Keith Squirts Water At A Taunting Fan (Video)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Duncan Keith Squirts Water At A Taunting FanDuncan Keith had the ultimate last word over the taunting Nashville Predators fans when the Blackhawks won last night and took the series 4-2. But you have to admit that this other way he handled this d-bag fan was awesome.

You have to love originality of the one educated fan that says, “Hey number 2 you suck.” Not. That guy should never be allowed in any sports arena ever again. He has incredible seats close to the ice and he can’t even come up with an original dig or learn the players’ numbers? Moron. Keith is one of the better defensemen in the NHL, so it’s not like he’s a nobody. He’s a finalist for the Norris Trophy and had 69 points on the regular season.

Then the other idiot asks him how much he gets a game. I’ll go ahead and guess that one of Keith’s game checks is more than that clown makes all year at Burger King.

At least Keith just gave the guy a playful squirt. Soccer players have been known to whip the water bottles at the fans. That would have been all right in this situation. Or Keith could have thrown that fan a beating like the one Henrik Sedin recently received.

Hat Tip Video – [PuckDaddy]