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The Habs Are Hot! Their Fans Are Not! (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Habs Are HotThe Habs may very well be the hottest team heading into the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  After trailing the top-seeded Washington Capitals 3-1 in their best-of-seven series, they were able to bounce back and win the next three games (two of them in Washington), taking the series 4-3.

It was an improbable string of victories that surely had all of the die-hard Habs fans celebrating.  Unfortunately, their female supporters are not necessarily as hot as their team has been lately.  Something tells me that the nightmares of Alex Ovechkin will likely include images of this female, along with Habs’ goalie Jaroslav Halak.

Why can’t Montreal’s fans be more like those of their Northeast division rival Boston Bruins?