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Zahia Dehar Is The French International Soccer Team’s Call Girl (Pics+Vid)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, May 13, 2010

Her name is Zahia Dehar and she is the stunning big-chested blond at the heart of what is quickly becoming one of the  biggest athlete prostitution scandals out there.  Zahia is currently over the age of 18, but reports have indicated that she had exchanged sexual favors for large sums of cash with at least three French international soccer players prior to her 18th birthday.

With the French team already being scrutinized for an illegal hand ball goal from Thierry Henry, which helped them defeat Ireland and qualify for the 2010 World Cup, thing have only gotten worse as they prepare to head into South Africa.  International superstars Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou have all be accused of having sex with Zahia when she was only 17-years-old.  To their credit, she admits to having told the players she was older than 18 at the time, and judging by the pics, that isn’t hard to believe.  She also claims to have been treated with great respect by all three of the players, and has made over $30,000 per month working as a prostitute.

Just one look at Zahia and it is easy to see that having sex for money is why she was put on this planet.  As for the French soccer players and their involvement in this, I have just one question:

Can you blame them?  I didn’t think so!