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Cleveland Puts Together A Song For LeBron To Stay (Video)

by: JamieD On  Friday, May 14, 2010

clevelanders for lebron jamesWith the Cleveland Cavaliers having been eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics, you can expect the talks surrounding LeBron James’ future to begin heating up.  Cities like Chicago, New York and New Jersey will surely hear their names thrown around the most, but how about the possibility of him staying with the Cavs?

Most NBA pundits will tell you that is highly unlikely, but these influential figures from the city of Cleveland are willing to do anything in order to change that.  And that includes the creation of this music video, which they have entitled “We Are LeBron.”

It isn’t exactly the worst LeBron James song we have ever heard, but if they were really serious about keeping their prized possession, maybe they should have enlisted the services of someone a little more qualified to sing, like Lil’ Wayne.  On second thought, I don’t think the city of Cleveland ever stood a chance.

Next up, the people of Cleveland will be collaborating together in their own rendition of The Doors’ popular tune, “The End.”