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Most Awkward Stanley Cup Winning Celebration Ever? (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, June 10, 2010

patrick kane celebration

The wait is finally over!  Last night at the Wachovia Center, the Chicago Blackhawks became the first team in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals to win on the road.  As a result, they were rewarded with their first Stanley Cup since 1961 and judging by their initial celebration, it sure does appear as though it has been a while since this team won a championship.

In all fairness, it appears as though no one on the ice was aware that the puck had gone in at the 4:06 mark of overtime except for goalscorer Patrick Kane.  And as he zipped all the way down the ice, tossing his stick and gloves in the air in euphoria, many of his teammates stood by and watched, unsure if this was really the end.  Even the fans and commentators seemed confused.

Upon further review, the goal was good and the real celebration could finally begin.