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Ron Artest Drops New Single “Champions” (Audio)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ron Artert dropped his new single titled “Champions” and it’s actually a solid track.

I’m not sure that people will be driving around with their trunks thumping this cut, but for an athlete this qualifies as a nice effort. They aren’t exactly known for producing great music. Right Shaq?

When I listen to the cut I visualized a slow motion sequence from some lame sports movie in my mind. I think we might hear Ron-Ron’s track in the next Karate Kid remake or maybe some horrible basketball movie where the team defies all odds and wins the state title.

It is pretty catchy. But I think what would be more awesome would be if Artest would have made a rap from his killer ‘thank you’ interview after the Lakers won the NBA finals. He could call it “The Psychiatrist”. Ron should really have his own variety show. He raps and he also likes to give out advice. It could be like a Dr. Phil meets Soul Train type-deal.