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Dorismar is Argentina’s Hottest Soccer Fan (Pics + Video)

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, July 1, 2010

DorimarNow that the United States has been eliminated from the World Cup, I can spend the final few rounds really focusing on my true love of the World Cup – the hot fans that some of these countries tit, I mean tout.

I’ve already shown you 33 hot asians with World Cup jerseys painted on their bodies, the hottest Paraguay fan who likes to keep her Nokia tucked away in her bosum, and now I have for you the biggest treat thus far in the World Cup not named Landon Donovan.

Meet Dorismar Noemi Kerchen, the hottest fan of Argentina, who the United States inexplicably deported in 2006. The camera gets a good, long look at this smoke-show who looks a lot like Sloan from the HBO series, ‘Entourage.’ Dorismar is a 35-year-old Argentine model, actress, and television host. I fully expect Dorismar to get a ton of face-time during Argentina’s July 3rd match up in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Now get me ICE on the phone so I can speak to them about taking this beauty away from the United States (apparently some jealous, ugly immigration judge said her physical attributes didn’t place her in a category of persons with extraordinary abilities. I beg to differ).