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Tim Lincecum Gives Girl Her First Kiss (Video)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That Tim Lincecum is so dreamy. That funky delivery. That cute baby face. Those long locks of hair that probably smell like the chronic. I don’t know, is that what girls think of the San Francisco Giants ace? One girl certainly wanted to meet Lincecum at the ballpark for a special reason: she wanted Timmy to be her very first kiss. Aw.

The girl headed over to AT&T park with a sign in hand that read “Lincecum #55. Since I’m 21 now, wanna be my first kiss … on the cheek?”

So she never had a kiss on the cheek? Ha. But way to go, Timmy. Super nice of you. I wonder if he still would have planted one on her if she looked like this special baseball fan. Timmy is to baseball fans what Justin Bieber is to little girls. I still have no idea who he is but I think he is a singer with fake hair. But I guess if Bieber played hockey he must be cool.