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9 Female Golfers We’d Love to See Naked

by: Esteban On  Friday, May 30, 2014


UPDATE: Female golfers continue to leave their clothes on for the most part, but that doesn’t stop the more lascivious members of the viewing public from letting their imaginations run wild. In honor of this ongoing trend, enjoy a couple of bonus entries on this list of nine female golfers that all of us would love to see naked. And if you have seen any of these women naked, just keep it to yourself. No one likes a braggart, either on the golf course or in other areas of life.

It used to be a running joke that female golfers were all lesbians. Mind you, I’m not talking about the kind of lesbians you would pay to see make out. I’m talking about the kind of lesbians you’d arm wrestle at a bowling alley. Granted, they’re both awesome, but for different reasons.

At any rate, at some point in the late 90′s things began to shift. I’m not sure if the quality of play has gone up or down, but frankly, I don’t care. These days, there are more hot female golfers than you can shake your putter at (Warning: Do Not Shake Your Putter At a Female Golfer – You Will Be Arrested or Beaten).

With that in mind, here are 9 female golfers we’d love to see naked.

Bonus: Nikki Garrett

Nikki Garrett

The name “Nikki Garrett” doesn’t really call to mind a lady golfer, but she’s Australian so all bets are off. As you can see in the above photo, she’s not averse to sexy photo shoots, so maybe a nude pictorial isn’t too much to hope for. Her name is “Nikki,” after all, so it’s actually kind of surprising she hasn’t been in Playboy.

Bonus: Rochelle Miles

Rochelle Miles

Rochelle Miles’ golf career hasn’t resulted in worldwide stardom, but there are still plenty of fans who have noticed this woman’s way with a golf club (as well as her beautiful looks). Will we ever get to see her naked? I don’t know, but we can always hope that she gets cast in Rochelle, Rochelle.


9. Blair O’Neal
Considering her own website bills her as a “model” first, and then a “golfer,” I think it’s safe to say that Blair O’Neal knows where her bread is buttered. That sounded dirtier than I meant it to.

Another thing I noticed was a lack of information on O’Neal’s golfing victories. But the site was quick to publicize her many victories in those arbitrary “Hottest Athlete Ever” polls. Congrats. Here’s another notch in your belt.

8. Briana Vega
Brianna Vega recently won the Golf Channel’s reality series, “The Big Break VI: Trump National.” Any woman who goes on a reality series is only a few steps away from stripping anyway. She should just save us all a lot of time and take her shirt off.

7. Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie has been in the news since she was 10, at which time she became the youngest player to qualify for USGA amateur championship (at least that’s what Wikipedia told me). But that was a long time ago. She’s 20 now, so there’s no shame in wanting to see her with her clothes off. Right?

6. Bridget Dwyer
Dwyer was the runner up in the Golf Channel’s reality series, “The Big Break VI: Trump National.” She lost to Briana Vega. However, in the looks department, we’ll have to call it a draw.

5. Cristie Kerr
Unlike many of the women on this list, Kerr is actually good at golf. Wikipedia says she has 14 wins on the LPGA Tour including two major championships. If that’s true, that’s pretty cool, but not as cool as this picture of her kissing a dong-shaped trophy. HOT!

4. Maria Verchenova
Maria Verchenova is the first Russian to become a full-time member of the Ladies European Tour. However, she would not be the first Russian woman to take her clothes off for money. Just ask your local strip-club owner, internet pornographer, or Mel Gibson. The list goes on and on, so why not join it, Maria?

3. Anna Grzebien
Anna Grzebien
So far, Anna has over $206,000 in earnings since turning pro. I’m not sure if that’s from golfing, or from doing photo shoots like these. And to be honest, I just don’t care.

2. Paula Creamer
Known as the Pink Panther, Paula Creamer is the real deal. She’s won 11 tournaments, 9 of which were part of the LPGA tour. She is also the current U.S. Open champion, and has won the Solheim Cup for three consecutive years. But all of those things would pale in comparison to her posing nude in Penthouse. Make us proud, Paula.

1. Natalie Gulbis
Gulbis has been playing golf since the age of four. Her game has developed a lot since then, and so has her chest. She won her first tournament in 2007, and has earned well over a million since going pro. However, I’m sure a properly leaked sex tape would make her a lot more.