The Fight Football League Is Not For The Faint Of Heart (Video)

Last time I checked, American football was a pretty grueling sport, but even hits like the one Eli Manning took during the Giants’ preseason opener on Monday cannot compare to what takes place in the Fight Football League.

Inspired by the ancient Roman game of “Harpastum”  (little is known about this game besides the fact that is was played with a ball and was quite violent, with players often ending up injured on the ground), Fight Football appears to be exactly what it’s name says.  Well, at least they got the “Fight” part right.   However, judging by the clip below, it seems as though hands, not feet, are the main body part being used, whether they are throwing the ball, or delivering a punch.

Here is a look at what you should expect from the Fight Football League.

As for the rules of Fight Football, they seem to be quite vague at the moment, but the league’s website does give some insight regarding the goals of the game:

In the FFL the objective is to score goal, however, players are aloud to fight their opponents using several fighting techniques. FFL Rules are manifold, it is aloud to fight only one against one, it is not aloud to strike when running or towards whom is running, no hit from the back or on the ground, injuries or KO’s can consequence into the elimination of the player. [Fight]

It is anyone’s guess as to how this will all work out.  Do we have the next Mixed Martial Arts on our hands here?  I guess we’ll have to wait until December 2010, when the league begins, to find out.

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