Marcus Jordan Blew $56k in Vegas of His Dad’s Money

Only a spoiled, rich kid would actually tell the world about he spent too much of his Daddy’s money on a bunch of nothing. And such is the case with Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son.

Marcus Jordan Blew

In a tweet that has since vanished, Marcus thought it must have been cool to describe his escapades in Vegas. On top of dropping 35k at Haze, a Vegas nightclub at the Aria Resort & Casino, mini-MJ tweeted this news on Thursday night: “Spent $21k at Liquid (the pool)… Tonight should be worse!!”

Rich kids will be rich kids, I suppose. But Daddy was none too pleased. Those tweets didn’t erase themselves. Here’s guessing that a phone call or text that included the phrases “Dumb ass” and “Cut off” were sent to mini-MJ.

Marcus and older brother Jeffrey visited Las Vegas last week along with Marcus’ Central Florida teammate A.J. Rompza while Michael Jordan’s fantasy basketball camp at the Mirage Resort Casino was taking place. While his dad is the Greatest of All-Time, he sure isn’t about to let his kids run rampant with his money. If the Brothers Jordan pull a stunt like this again, don’t be surprised if they end up like this.

Hat tip – [TheDagger]

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