9 Reasons Madden Football is Better Than the NFL

5. Super Bowl Celebration
vince-lombardi-trophy-150x150Ironically, the Super Bowl trophy presentation is one of the most depressing events of the entire season. It’s last call and the lights have come up. The hoisting of the Lombardi trophy is inspiring for one second, then that voice starts bouncing around in your skull. “This is the longest possible time until more football.” I feel creeped out just discussing that moment.

Well, with Madden ’11, one needn’t concern themselves with the tragic end to the season. A new season is mere moments away. So sit back, relax and enjoy a simulated Super Bowl celebration that puts the real one to shame. And, oh yeah, Obama’s there too. Tip back some bub with the President, give him a hug, and then get your next season on deck. No off-season in Maddenland, folks.

6. Offense-friendly AI
Brett-Favre-150x150Nobody wants to deal with runaway offenses that can’t be contained, but if the football watching population had to pick between more offensive production or stingier defenses, they would go with the offense, hands down. Who can blame them? A defensive slugfest is a sight to behold…every once in a while. But most fans don’t want to see 20-14 games week in and week out.

Fortunately, neither did the guys behind Madden ’11. Though it’s not gaudy, the offense gets a slightly easier go of it here, which drums up the excitement factor not only for the gamers playing Madden, but also for the poor souls that have to watch people play Madden. God help them. And may God bless Madden football.

7. Resettable Injuries/Exhibition Mode
BobSanders03Again, this is matter of preference, but I only want realism up to a point. I would like to have the option to catch my gaming opponent off-guard by having Phillip Rivers run a bootleg from 4 yards out without having to worry about his problem ankles or a third concussion for the season. Let his mom worry about those things. Let me worry about punching it in for 6 so I can scream at some kid in Vancouver over a headset.

The exhibition games are the best way to play head-to-head cause you can beat your stars like rented mules with no repercussions the next game. I’m guessing Chris Johnson would get so many touches he’d make 2008 Larry Johnson look like a fullback. A “fun” game of football shouldn’t require me to count concussions for my virtual team.

8. The All Time Teams
montanaCan anyone argue against the wonder that is the “all-time” teams? If you’re a Charger fan, do you want to see Dan Fouts handing off to LT? And not 2010 LT, but 2007, fantasy-draft-prize LT. You don’t need to answer that; we all know the answer.

Sadly, we live in a world where the laws of time and aging preclude us from realizing Randall Cunningham launching balls to TO, but again, it’s fantasy land on your video game console, so go ahead and play with Theismann without having to worry about cracking his leg again.

9. Player Intelligence; aka, The Flozelle Adams Effect
Untitled-150x150I doubt there is an NFL coach out there that would rather coach a real NFL team than a Madden team. The digital players are hard workers, don’t often pull a Haynesworth and bitch about your new defensive scheme, and, above all, they can follow simple instructions. Not always, mind you, but most of the time.

False starts happen, but not as often. Routes get run properly and at full speed. Playing with a Madden team is like playing with a team of obedient robots.

Further, because the NFL wants to look better in Madden than it does in real life, players don’t get picked up on weapons charges outside Atlanta-area nightclubs, and they rarely run dogfighting rings. Madden is the NFL’s idea of Utopia.

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