21 Intentionally (and Unintentionally) Hilarious Sports Jerseys (Pics)

The Hoss
funny-jersey (4)
It seems some people just can’t get over the Hoss. This guy is one such individual. Can you blame him?

Happy Hr
funny-jersey (24)
Most alcoholics try to hide their affliction. I admire this guy’s candor.

Stink Butt
funny-jersey (22)
Children never hesitate to speak their minds, which is why number 99 really needs to look into his washing habits.

Osama Sucks!
funny-jersey (14)
How can I blend into American culture while I plot my attack? I know, I’ll wear this “Osama Sucks” jersey. That way no one will catch on, Allah willing.

funny-jersey (8)
Nothing goes together like football and right-wing politics. I hope they sat next to the “Osama Sucks” guy.

Eats Babies
funny-jersey (12)
I hear they sell nachos with a side of baby at Eagles games. Or was it Oakland?

Your Mom
funny-jersey (13)
Your mom might be #69 on this guy’s jersey, but she’ll always be #1 in my book…as long as she keeps letting me put it in her #2.

Big Dick
funny-jersey (23)
Don’t let the 2 and 0 start full you. Even their own fans know that the Chiefs suck the big one!

funny-jersey (10)
From big dick to a little pecker, TotalProSports has it all.

funny-jersey (15)
This jersey doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I do admire the homemade Seahawks helmet. Keep fighting the good fight.

Neck Beard
funny-jersey (9)
Wearing a Kyle Orton jersey is pretty embarrassing. But this fan put that to rest with an ironic customization. Now, it doesn’t matter if Orton does well or sucks (much more likely). Either way, he’ll be covered.

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