Run, Moron, Run: 11 Epic Takedowns of Field-Crashing Fans

5. Fan Storms Field with Knife”

Most of the entries on this list are ridiculous and somewhat entertaining. Well, when you take a mentally unstable soccer fan and put him in the madness of a South American football match, things get really serious really quickly. While it doesn’t appear the player was stabbed, this is certainly a sobering moment for players and fans alike. Couple the action with the paramilitary security utilizing riot shields and flak jackets, and this is definitely a contender for “scariest fan crashing the field”. Again, kudos to the security for taking this guy down before he cause tragic results.

4. Philly Fan Tasered”

While fans rushing the field are generally idiots, they don’t really do any harm other than disrupt the flow of an otherwise generally uneventful baseball game. Which is why so many people were up in arms when some kid at a Philly game did the SOP for field-crashing (run around in circles like a spastic toddler) and he was brought down with the use of a taser rather than good old-fashioned security strong arming. At the end of the day, the kid was fine, security got chastised, and no one learned a lesson, but it will go down as probably the most militaristic of takedowns seen in a while.

3. Boston Fan Take Down”
There are elegant ways of taking down field crashers, then of course, there’s the Boston way. In all the ways Matt Diaz was artful and full of grace, Sox security are most assuredly…not. While it may not be the most humane way of dealing with a minor nuisance, I’m sure Fenway management is sleeping easy knowing that these guys are on the case if something serious goes down.

2. Matt Diaz Takes Down “Red Man”

One of the more tasteful take downs we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. After a guy in a red body suit, no doubt in a nod to Charlie Kelly’s “Green Man” on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, gets on the field and manages to weasel his way around security for the requisite 20 seconds, Diaz decides to stop the madness then and there with a suave leg extension that causes the fool to trip up and well, get apprehended. The whole affair is reminiscent of Thomas Crown taking down the art thieves in the introduction to The Thomas Crown Affair.

Matt Diaz, the Thomas Crown of fan-tacklers.

1. Hockey Ref Destroys Fan

In general, you’re much better off rushing a baseball game than you are a hockey match. For one, it’s less slippery. Two, it’s less friggen violent. When the refs are looking for an excuse to body-check your dumb ass, it’s best to steer clear. Need proof? Watch this epic fan take down by an NHL ref.

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