So Close, Yet So Far: 25 of the Luckiest Male Cheerleaders Ever

Only a German cheerleader could go about this move so matter-of-factly, all the while removing all the sexuality from this little gem, but here we are…

The least sexy cheerleading outfit EVER! You know something is wrong with your outfit when the guy holding the cheerleader is scanning the crowd looking for sexier women. I can’t make out the logo on the gym floor, but BYU is my first instinct. Also, the broken leg is a gimme, but I don’t want to get in trouble with my editors. Just kidding. Dinner was cold last night, and now she walks with a limp.

I really get the feeling that this guy just goes around lifting things. It would be a cute cheerleader, a wheelbarrow, a toddler trapped under a Yugo…This guy just gets off on the thrill of the lift.

Couple things: You’ve got baby Huey on the right, looking like he’s going to explode if he has to hold that 90lb girl for another second, but more importantly, you’ve got the guy in the middle. He’s the truly lucky one. He’s sitting there, ogling these women, wondering if they’re going to spell his name. Unless his name is “WHW”, he’s probably out of luck.

Not unlike this praying mantis, this female has selected her next mate who she will breed with, then consume.

Either Denver has been hit with a streak of really weird sunshine or they’re breeding Oompah-Loompahs pretty tall there. Nice “tans”, ladies.

I love that you can’t see exactly how far along that guy’s hand is. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to sidestep any potential lawsuits. I think we can all agree that it’s far enough along that that he needs his friend’s help in removing it. All the while, both demonstrate a level of glee commensurate with a high school dissection lab.

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