20 Overzealous and Over The Top Celebrations (Videos)

15. Ickey Woods

Ickey Woods was the first NFL player I ever knew that made a spectacle out of the touchdown dances. He wasn’t much of a player, but his “Ickey Shuffle” was something of a phenomenon in their 1989 Super Bowl season. Upon further review, however, it would appear that Ickey’s celebration was possibly the most atrocious celebration in the history of sport. I’ve seen better celebrations at league night at bowling alleys. I guess the fact that it became a nationwide craze is simply a credit to his salesmanship. Or our stupidity.

14. Leon Lett

Making an ass out of yourself by doing a silly dance or missing a high five is one thing. Embarrass yourself as much as you want. However, when your celebration is done DURING the play, and it ends up costing your team a touchdown (even in this Super Bowl’s 52-17 blowout), there’s a special spot in hell with your name on it. Congratulations, Leon. This is your NFL legacy.

13. Bullfighting Celebration

You can probably see where this one is going. Here’s a good rule of thumb for bullfighting celebrations: If you’re going to celebrate after a bullfight, wait until a) the bull has been pronounced dead by a licensed veterinarian or b) you have safely exited the bullfighting arena. If not, well, bulls are big. And they have horns.

12. Desean Jackson

You would think one of the more elite receivers in the NFL would remember that you have to carry the ball into the endzone to get credit for your six. However, apparently Desean went to the same football celebration camp as Leon Lett when he was younger, as they both have trouble with endzone identification. This one blurs the line between “overzealous” and “stupid,” but it demonstrates a lot of both, so it makes the cut.

11. Joakim Noah

Wining the NCAA Championship would make anyone want to dance. What it makes Joakim Noah want to do is dry hump the air for a good 45 seconds while flashing what appears to be the lamest gang signs in the history of mankind. Noah doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that gets embarrassed too easily, but this should put him over the top.

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