20 Overzealous and Over The Top Celebrations (Videos)

10. Teemu Selanne

This one would actually be kind of cool if it wasn’t for the phallic imagery associated with Selanne pumping his hockey stick like a 12-gauge shotgun. Often, when hockey players celebrate, it can be a glorious, glorious thing. Yeah, this isn’t one of those instances.

9. Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johson lets the praise fly following the Cowboys’ 1993 NFC Championship game victory over the rival 49ers. He does everything short of thanking the water boy for keeping the ice cubes cold. He also popularized the phrase “how ‘bout them Cowboys!” with this locker room speech, which unfortunately has been used mostly sarcastically since the mid-90’s.

8. Bill Gramatica

This one’s hard to beat on both the level of embarrassment and in the unintentional humor department. What makes an already-funny injury from celebrating even funnier? That’s right. When it happens to a kicker. After this, I’m pretty sure all kickers got a clause added to their contract that they weren’t able to jump for any reason. Ever.

7. Halldor Bjornson

This guy celebrates the same way douchebags try to pick up women – with the ole’ fishing technique. I think that if he had invested half the time he put into orchestrating this celebration into practicing soccer, he would probably be David Beckham right now.

6. Tiger Williams

When Happy Gilmore did it, it was a little funny and charming, when Tiger Williams makes a name out of “riding the stick” it comes off as more than a little gimmicky. He will forever ride in the Ickey Williams Wing of the Overzealous Celebration Hall of Fame.

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