Happy 25th Anniversary: The 25 Best NES Sports Games
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Happy 25th Anniversary: The 25 Best NES Sports Games

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20. Bases Loaded!
The best technical baseball game (and perhaps sports game) on NES. However, a complex baseball game is not always a good thing, as my fondest memories of this game involve chucking the controller at the TV because I couldn’t get a hit, so one man’s blessing is another man’s curse.

19. Tecmo Super Bowl
Not as groundbreaking as the original, but a definite improvement. Bigger playbooks, more teams, and slightly more dynamic game play made this sequel a solid upgrade on an iconic original.

18. Double Dribble
Basketball never thrived like football or baseball did, probably due to the fact that the game seems to hinge more on three dimensions than those other sports. However, “Double Dribble” made lemonade out of lemons by creating a fairly robust game with complex graphic cutaways during big plays.

17. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
Not so much a boxing game as a game of pattern recognition, but that fact was quickly obscured by the cartoonish contenders and Iron Mike himself. More than twenty years later, grown men can still sit down to this game and start cranking out punch patterns like Rain Man. That’s a pretty powerful testimonial.

16. 10 Yard Fight
A technically superior game, but without the real players, it was simply a stopgap until “Tecmo Bowl” stole the limelight. However, it was essential software for the first two years of the NES.

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