Happy 25th Anniversary: The 25 Best NES Sports Games

15. Rad Racer
Despite the stupid 3-D glasses, this was still one of the best first person racers the console had to offer. The graphics were cutting edge and the game play was solid. Not a spectacular entry, but high marks across the board.

14. R.C. Pro Am
A fun game where you raced remote controlled cars on a bird’s-eye course. The controls were great, but everything went to hell and you switched directions making you go against your instincts, hitting left when wanted to steer right when the car was approaching you. Maddening fun.

13. Pro Wrestling
Seemingly founded more in Mexican “lucha libre” than the WWF, this game offered masked characters as well as a fairly complex arsenal of moves that beat out any fighting games before or after (except for maybe Double Dragon).

12. Bad News Baseball
bunny out
While most of the cartoonish sports games didn’t come out until later, this one was a strong debut for the genre. The characters were clearly “Bad News Bears”-based, but the game play was good enough that the derivative concept didn’t spoil the fun of this game.

11. Baseball Stars
Thus the baseball streak for NES continues. It didn’t do everything right, but it did baseball well on a number of fronts. “Baseball Stars” was more of a simulator, which was new and different, but lacked the plug-and-play fun of “R.B.I. Baseball”, but a good title nonetheless for fans of fantasy anything.

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