Obsessed Cameron Diaz Fan Runs Onto Field To Attack A-Rod During ALCS (Video)

crazy cameron diaz fan runs onto the field

Here is a lesson for you all.  Jealousy will not get you very far in life.  In fact, it will probably only get you about two steps onto the field at Yankee Stadium before you are tackled by three of New York’s finest.

Grim LeRogue learned that the hard way last night as the crazed Cameron Diaz fan made his way onto the field during Game 4 of the ALCS in an attempt to choke Alex Rodriguez and become Cameron’s hero.  He was unsuccessful, however, as police were able to tackle him and take him into custody before he could reach the Yankees’ third baseman.

While searching LeRogue, officers did not find any weapons, but what they did find was an assortment of pictures with incredibly strange messages on them.  One picture of Diaz had the message, “We will be together soon” written on it, while another image of A-Rod said “You have to go bud, you’ve ruined too many of our white queens” on it and had an “X” drawn across his face and a gun pointed at his head.

And the insanity doesn’t stop there.  He also had a photo of Osama Bin Laden, with the words “master” and “I will serve you” written on it.

As for the strangest picture of them all, that would have to be the photo of Whitney Houston with the messages “Whitney Bin Laden” and “you will soon be my master’s wife” scribbled on it.

LeRogue has a criminal record, which includes prior arrests for assault and burglary.  He has also apparently written a 700-page novel about ninjas, which he is hoping to have published next month.  He is now being charged with assault and interfering with a sporting event.

When asked about LeRogue, one of the officers stated that he had been rambling throughout his time in custody and that “He was absolutely out of his f*&king mind.”  No Sh*t Sherlock!  It must have taken some fine detective work to figure that one out.

Here is a look at LeRogue’s arrest on the field of Yankee Stadium.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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