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16 ‘Athletes’ Featured on the Cover of Playboy

by: Howard Cosmell On  Monday, November 15, 2010

The archetypes of the female athlete’s body and the Playboy cover girl’s body don’t overlap much. The assets of a successful female athlete aren’t exactly the body parts that your typical Playboy reader would prize, so when an athlete fits the Playboy mold, it’s a pretty big deal. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens sometimes. And it happens a lot more if you consider professional wrestlers “athletes,” which is totally something we’re gonna do, lest this list stop at four or five entries. So, for those of you that think power and the competitive fire is as sexy as a killer rack, this list is for you.

16. Lisa Guerrero – Sportscaster
Sportscasters are close to athletes, so she makes the cut. In January 2006, Lisa Guerrero made the cover of Playboy after a broadcasting career that included working with Fox Sports NFL and co-hosting the World Series of Pop Culture. While she may not have been garnering the appreciation she wanted from those two roles, the Playboy appearance more than made up for it. Since her appearance, she has racked up over 20 TV appearances on major network, proving that posing for Playboy isn’t always a last resort for your career.

15. Kiana Tom – Fitness Expert
The Irish, Chinese, and Hawaiian Tom had been a fixture on mid-morning ESPN as an exercise show host when she got the call to be on the cover of the May 2002 cover of Playboy. Her balance of athleticism and looks made the issue one of the best-selling of the decade, despite the fact that she was pretty far from a household name.

14. Chyna – WWE
Chyna was what many considered to be a quintessential female wrestler. Big, muscular, somewhat masculine-looking. However, that didn’t stop her legions of fans from beating a path to the newsstands when she appeared on the cover of Playboy in November of 2000 dressed up like Xena: Warrior Princess. Her sex tape, which leaked later, showed that sexuality can take all sorts of weird, weird forms.

13. Arianny Celeste – UFC
arianny_celeste_naked_playboy (1)
Celeste made recent appearance. Recent like, this month. Arianny Celeste is a ring girl for the UFC and is a 24 year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her self-proclaimed responsibilities consist of “…don’t trip over your feet, and try to look hot and graceful.” May her song never die.

12. Rachelle Leah – UFC
Octagon girls are athletes for the sake of this piece. While her athletic pedigree may be questionable at best, her modeling pedigree is not with pictorials in Maxim, Men’s Fitness, 944, Muscle and Fitness, Vegas Magazine and Stuff.

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