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Here’s A Look At The Pacers’ Near-Perect Third Quarter (Video)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Indiana Pacers may not exactly strike fear into the hearts of their opponents with their 3-3 record, but if they can shoot like they did during the third quarter of last night’s home game against the Denver Nuggets, there may be no stopping them.

While we don’t expect them to ever go 20-for-21 throughout an entire quarter again, like they did during the third quarter against the Nuggets, we can’t help but wonder whether this amazing display of accuracy should be attributed to their fine shooting ability, or the poor defensive effort from their opposition.

So what was their only mistake of the quarter?  Allowing Josh McRoberts to get his hands on the ball and attempt a 3-point shot with only three seconds remaining.  Talk about spoiling all the fun.  He probably should have just held it and allowed the time to wind down.

In case you were wondering, they would go on to win this game by a score of 144-113.  Here is a look at that near-perfect third quarter.

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