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Hot Flexible Female Takes You Into The New Year (Video)

As we look back on the past 365 days, it is easy to see that 2010 was quite the year in the world of sports.  There were some great goals, amazing plays, fantastic performances, inspirational moments and incredible champions.  There was also plenty of scandals and affairs making headlines throughout the past 12 months.  And […]

That Didn’t Work Out Well (GIF)

Here is a helpful word of advice for all those people who plan to hit the weights as part of their New Year’s resolution.  If you are going to hook your chin-up bar on a wall or ceiling, you may want to make sure that said wall or ceiling is fit to withstand your weight, […]

Picture Of The Day: Is This The Greatest Team Ever?

For team-of-the-year, my choice would be between the Spanish national soccer team and Italian club team Inter Milan.  For team-of-the-decade, my vote goes to either the Los Angeles Lakers or the New England Patriots.  As for best team of all time, there is no debate.  The winner is the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team, […]

9 Biggest Douchebag Athletes of 2010

Enough romanticizing the awesome aspect of sports. Let’s take our last list of the year and end on a way-down note. Who were the worst people to inhabit professional athletics this year? Since Tiger was mostly 2009 news, that leaves the door wide open for a whole new crop of supervillains. Some are criminals, some […]

This Is The Worst Call You Will See All Bowl Season (Video)

Will someone please do something about these “excessive celebration” calls in the game of football?  I mean, since when did a salute to the crowd become excessive?  The answer to that question may very well be during the Pinstripe Bowl on December 30th, 2010. After hauling in a 30-yard touchdown pass to bring his team […]

The Stat Line Of The Night – 12/30/10 – Dwight Howard

Last night the Orlando Magic took on the New York Knicks in what was a highly touted match-up between two Eastern Conference contenders with two of the best big-men in the game.  Much of the focus coming into this game revolved around the battle between the Magic’s Dwight Howard and the Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire, and […]

Out-Of-Control Car Narrowly Misses Urinating Man (Video)

Here we have a video of what may very well be the luckiest man in 2010.  With nature calling, this guy couldn’t help but take a pit stop on the side of a winding road as his friend’s camcorder recorded what appeared to be an innocent draining of the pipes.  However, things got interesting as […]

Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night – Westgarth vs. Bissonnette – 12/29/10

We are just about halfway through the NHL season and the Kings’ Kevin Westgarth has already made his fair share of appearances on our daily “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” feature.  Some of his appearances have been the result of a rather effective upper-cut, while others have been the product of his willingness to […]

Picture Of The Day: Can I Get In On That Hug?

You simply have to love the camaraderie that is often on display during team sports.  Whether it is a high-five or a slap on the ass, there may be nothing better than seeing a team come together and take on the challenges placed in front of them.  And speaking of team’s coming together, wouldn’t it […]

11 Viral Sports Videos That Made Us Say WTF?

Some plays are great, some are funny, and some make you wonder what the f$#! just happened. Fortunately, those plays that needed to be seen to be believed can be thanks to the ubiquity of digital video cameras and YouTube. These videos have very little in common, other than making you wonder what just happened. […]

A Progressive Look At Ben Lovejoy’s Battered Face (Pic + Vid)

Those who watched episode three of HBO’s 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic last night were treated to one of the most grueling parts of the game of hockey: the dreaded facial injury. Most players opt for limited facial protection, but even those who wear visors covering half of their face are still susceptible to […]

Honda Civic Bursts Into Flames During Burnout FAIL (Video)

I am not quite sure what these morons were thinking when they tied the back of this Honda Civic to a cement block, but the least they could have done was adopt some of the most basic fire safety measures prior to putting on their burnout demonstration for the onlooking spectators.  So what exactly do […]

Tyreke Evans Hits 50-Foot Buzzer Beater For The Win (Video)

With only five wins on the season and zero wins in their last eight games, it was beginning to look like the Sacramento Kings would need a miracle to earn another victory before the new year.  And after the Memphis Grizzlies O.J. Mayo nailed a jumper to put his team up by one with only […]

Couple Breaks Out The Vuvuzela Beer Bong During AHL Game (Video)

Throughout most of the summer, the vuvuzela stole headlines as it became one of the biggest stories to come out of the 2010 World Cup of Soccer in South Africa.  It therefore only seems fitting that this annoying instrument makes a return to the headlines with 2010 winding down. During a Rochester Americans AHL hockey […]

The Stat Line Of The Night – 12/29/10 – Rick DiPietro

There were some pretty terrific individual performances coming from the two major sports leagues that were active last night.  The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade put up an impressive 45 points and 7 rebounds in a win against the Rockets, while Memphis’ Zach Randolph recorded 35 points and 17 rebounds in a losing cause.  And then […]

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