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The 15 Hottest International Sports Reporters

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, December 21, 2011

While the US may be crazy about sports, that doesn’t mean it holds the monopoly on hot female sports correspondents. While the talent pool is deep stateside, there are about 2.85 billion other women to draw from. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a disproportionately high number of them are from England. More specifically, on Sky Sports. So if you have access to this station, I seriously suggest tuning in. Let’s take a look at the talent from around the world.

15. Adriana Monsalve

This native of Caracas has a degree in advertising and communications. She’s currently a correspondent for ESPN Deportes in North America and ESPN2 in Central and South America.

14. Sara Carbonero

She was voted the sexiest reporter in the world by FHM, and her legacy endures as the reporter who kissed her goalkeeper boyfriend after interviewing him during the 2010 World Cup.

13. Mandira Bedi

We don’t understand cricket, but we do understand beauty, so as long as we have Mandira walking us through the Cricket World Cups, we should be all right.

12. Lekha Washington

Here’s another cricket correspondent. Ironically, while the players are taking a break and eating lunch, we’re just beginning to get interested once she’s on-screen.

11. Hayley McQueen

Haley might be one of the more divisive women on this list, in spite of her beauty. Why? Because she’s a presenter for MUTV, which stands for nothing other than Manchester United Television. Guess the Yankees weren’t hiring.

10. Millie Clode

We may not know her over here, but she’s got a pretty stellar pedigree in Britain. She was voted “Top TV Sports Babe” by The Sun, and appears to be Britain’s Erin Andrews in both looks and range of skill set, as she covers most every sport the island has to offer.

9. Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallagher is an alumni of the prestigious Sky Sports presenter program. Sky Sports is known for having some of the hottest sports anchors in the world go through its ranks, and Kirsty is certainly no exception to that rule.

8. Laura Esposto

Sky Sports hotties don’t just hail from England, either. Esposto is Italian-born, and after doing some modeling and sports work in LA, took it back home to become a presenter for both AC Milan’s station and Sky Sports.

7. Natalie Sawyer

She studied media in school, which is kinda interesting , but what’s much more interesting is the fact that she was voted the sexiest girl in college. Don’t think we’ll need a recount for that one.

6. Alex Hammond

Hey, what do you know? It’s another presenter for Sky Sports. This place is like the Playboy Channel! She hosts a program called “Good Morning, Sports Fans.” Good morning, indeed. Also, she was married to a jockey, though I don’t know what to do with that information.

5. Di Stewart

Shocking, folks! It’s a presenter from Sky Sports. Here’s to hoping Sky goes under and we get an influx of great looking British and European hosts to come stateside. Di hosts “Golf Night” on Sky. Which makes sense, cause Di Stewart totally sounds like a golf name.

4. Sophie Blake

She’s covered motor sports, American football (for Britain), and apparently got her start interviewing soccer players in the backs of limos (!) But her best career move so far? Posing topless on Page 3.

3. Georgie Thompson

Despite being only 5’ 2”, Georgie is one of the best-known overall TV personalities in Britain, having worked on everything from motor sports to studio shows to the America’s Cup. Oh, and she surfs. I don’t know where one surfs in Britain, but it’s surrounded by water, so there must be some place.

2. Hazel Mae

Even though she now works in New England, she was born in the Philippines, so we’re counting her. Beyond that, she worked for several years hosting a show called “JZone” which was a regular studio show covering the Toronto Blue Jays.

1. Inez Sainz

Well, here’s our queen of the list. She gave a lot of heartburn to the NY Jets, and for good reason. Look at her. Even in the notoriously ethnocentric United States, she may have eclipsed Ms. Andrews as our nation’s favorite. Look for big things from her in 2011.