11 Creepy Wax Statues of Great Athletes (and Gilbert Arenas)

5. Michael Jordan

Even this wax statue has gambling debts of $217,000. HOW WAS MJ EASIER THAN TIGER? Everything I know is wrong…

4. Wayne Gretzky

It’s so fitting that they chose to immortalize Gretzky in the uniform that came to define his career: The New York Rangers. So much history with that team.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

This one looks freakishly real. Like that scene in Basketball where they’re staring at the statue of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar in the glass case and he slowly turns around and looks at them. Creepy as hell. You’re welcome for getting the pleasure of a Hannibal and a Baseketball reference in the same piece.

2. Muhammad Ali

Wow. Ali’s representation here looks more like a Cuban Norm MacDonald than the G.O.A.T. In case there’s any confusion, that’s Ali on the right. The guy on the left looks like he wandered in while looking for an American Eagle store at the Mall of America.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Wax sculptors: Good with faces and torsos, horrible with wrists shoulders and elbows. This looks like the pose that someone with no bones would strike if they just won a boxing match. Seriously. Is Junior double-jointed or something? As a sportswriter, this is something I should know.

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