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by: Howard Cosmell On  Thursday, December 23, 2010

When you’re discussing the hottest photo shoots of the year, you expect the Swimsuit Issue to come up. You don’t really expect PETA to enter the conversation. However, their naked-celebrity-anti-fur stance has made them contenders year after year. Never write off how much hot girls love animals. Beyond that entry, there were a few other surprises, but the usual suspects reigned supreme. Check out the entries below and enjoy the year in semi-nudity.

11. Lindsey Vonn – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

It’s one thing to be named 2010 Athlete of the Year by the AP. It’s another thing to achieve that distinction and also look criminally good in a bikini. Vonn’s a double threat in that regard, and we’re happy to have her on the team.

10. Lingerie Football League – PETA

While you may or may not agree with PETA’s methods and beliefs, what’s harder to disagree with is their use of half-naked model’s to protest the use of fur. I’ve never known the girls of the Lingerie Football League to be terribly political, but they can strip down for PETA whenever they’d like.

9. Maria Kanellis – Red Shoes Photo Shoot

She’s a model, singer-songwriter, and former WWE wrestler. This photo shoot was done in tandem with the release of her first studio album, Sevin Sins. Thank God hot girls don’t need to be good spellers.

8. Various – FHM “Joga Bonito” Photo Shoot

FHM Spain did a pictorial celebrating the sportsmanship of soccer via the Joga Bonito campaign. The “models” are actually amateur soccer players. Once you see them, though, you’ll quickly want to upgrade them to professional status.

7. Ana Ivanovic – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The number one Serbian tennis player in the world can also wear a bikini; a fact that surprises none of us. Props to the SI Swimsuit Issue for enlightening their readers on how sexy athletes look in bikinis. They should get a Pulitzer.

6. Allison Baver – Esquire

Baver, a short-distance speed skater, has the distinction of being the only racing athlete on this list. Think about how much faster she’ll be without all those heavy clothes on.

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