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The 11 Sexiest Sports Photo Shoots of 2010 (Pics)

by: Howard Cosmell On  Thursday, December 23, 2010

5. Stacy Keibler – Maxim

Stacy Keibler pretty much maintains a permanent spot on this list until she decides to retire. While Kournikova is conspicuously absent this year (she’s become a little more private), Keibler is still out there posing. And a grateful nation thanks her.

4. Anastasia Ashley – Airwalk

While skateboarding footwear companies aren’t known for their use of beautiful models the way a company like Victoria’s Secret might be, you could probably use uber-popular surfer AA to sell bedpans and see a spike in sales.

3. Roberta Mancino – Men’s Fitness

Let’s all just rejoice that this insanely hot girl chose to sky dive, so now we can see her on lists like these. The nice thing about her being a skydiver is that there really is no reason to retire from sky diving, so she’ll be around a while. What’s she going to do? Get too old to fall?

2. Diana Taurasi – ESPN the Mag

This 28-year old WNBA player graces the cover of the always-reliable ESPN “Body Issue,” which is to athletes what The Swimsuit Issue is to models. ESPN: Not afraid to address the issue of nude hot athletes in sports.

1. Arianny Celeste – Playboy

Playboy wins. In the world of hot photo shoots, the fact that Playboy goes where other mags won’t guarantees that Playboy will always win. We can’t share the best pics with you, so here’s a cover shot. If you look REALLY hard, I bet you can find some more online.