The 10 Greatest Plays of 2010 (Videos)

10. Mark Buehrle Flips Out Backwards

Link: Mark Buehrle Makes Amazing Play

When the play of the year happens on opening day, it could foreshadow an anticlimactic baseball season. Or it could just be that the greatest defensive play of the year happened to occur in the first game, and you should really lighten up. Fortunately, as this season unwove, it proved to be the latter, as Buerhle’s amazing between-the-legs flip kicked off a season that didn’t disappoint.

9. DeSean Jackson Punt Return

If you’re an avid reader of these lists, this video will be very familiar. It was on yesterday’s list of 2010’s bloopers. Well, one man’s blooper is another man’s play of the year. Though the Giants screwed up about four separate things on this punt, the fact remains that DeSean Jackson is one of those players that won’t surprise you when they do things like this. The same way you realize that your team will probably lose if Peyton Manning has the ball and is down by 4 with 2:30 left in the game, you will probably lose if you kick to DeSean Jackson if your punt coverage isn’t perfect. Well, the coverage wasn’t perfect by a long shot.

8. Cam Newton Run vs. LSU

This encapsulates Newton’s 2010 season for Auburn. Have you ever thought about how bad ass it would be to go back and play 3rd grade soccer as an adult? You would OWN those kids. Well, that’s how Newton has looked all season, and this play against powerhouse LSU demonstrates that. Newton performs an amazing run, but also doesn’t seem to lose his composure one iota, even taking care to stretch out at the end of the 49-yard run to ensure he gets the 6. Will he be a great pro quarterback? Who knows. But he’s the best college player in the game, and the Hesiman voters agreed.

7. Diego Forlan Volley Goal vs. Germany

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. It may not be the most technically sound goal scored in the World Cup, but it’s certainly one of the most iconic and visually striking. FIFA would seem to agree, as they dubbed this strike “Goal of the Tournament.” If your score nets you “Goal of the Tournament,” even in an eventual loss to Germany, you’re probably gonna make the list. Stunning.

6. Shaun White’s Olympic Halfpipe Performance

Recently, it’s been rare that the biggest names in the Olympics have put on the best performances, Michaels Johnson and Phelps notwithstanding. So, seeing Shaun White put on a complete clinic on his halfpipe run was actually something of a surprise. All doubts were removed on his last trick when he performed the much-anticipated Double Cork 1260. If you don’t know what a double cork 1260 is…join the club. It’s a sight to behold though.

Enjoy the crappy-quality video for the sole fact that some stoner snowboarders are filming it with the shakiest camcorder ever.

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