The 10 Greatest Plays of 2010 (Videos)

5. Blake Griffin’s Distant Dunk

Despite the glut of talent in the league, dunking has never enjoyed a renaissance since its heyday in the late-80’s. No one has really done much to step in and fill the shoes of ‘Nique, Jordan, Webb, and even Kenny Walker. The dunk contest has been a painful bore for a decade now, but all that looks like it might change. Blake Griffin has brought the art of the dunk back to the forefront with his various styles of throwing down on opponents. He manages to kill opponents with a variety of alley-oops, artful dunks, and powerful stuffs.

But no dunk better encapsulates what Blake Griffin is doing in the NBA right now than this one where he absolutely slams the ball down from what appears to be about 27 ft. away. While guarded. Just…just watch it.

4. LeGarrette Blount’s Spinning Touchdown

The undrafted Blount entered the league with something to prove following the drastically overblown “punching incident” that shortened his final year of college ball at Oregon. Well, he’s proving whatever that “something” is with his aerobatic running style. Quickly developing a reputation as the most exciting player in the league, Blount’s big runs often compose of spins, stutter steps, speed, and normally, something crazy done while flying in the air. Here’s his (and the NFL’s) best one of 2010.

3. Victoria Salmon Kings Put on a Clinic

Despite the fact that it took place in early January and the fact that the teams play in the ECL, not the NHL, this is our entry for goal of the year. It looks less like actual hockey than it does a video game where one team is set on “Expert” and the other is set on “Massive Brain Injury.” To be fair, for this play to occur, two things had to happen. The offense had to play really well, and the defense had to be poor. Both happened, and we’re left with the best hockey play of 2010.

2. “Off the Wall” Golf Shot

Miguel Angel Jiminez disproves the notion that you can’t be pimp as hell while wearing golf clothes. Left with a tough lie at this year’s British Open, he took those lemons and made some tasty lemonade. It’s like Tin Cup but entertaining!

1. Anthony Pettis Goes Matrix

Looks like “ninja” might overtake grappling as the predominate MMA style. Pettis incorporates elements of parkour into the octagon as he takes down his opponent with a kick that would require wires were a mortal to attempt it. It would be a real tragedy if his opponent had blocked the kick or not been knocked out. Fortunately, it was a storybook ending paired with a superhuman kick to the head. MMA, you may win me over yet.

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