11 Viral Sports Videos That Made Us Say WTF?

11. Tyler Brayton’s Moving Pick

Low on the list only because it’s hard to see without some guidance, but should you be able to focus on the lower part of the grainy screen, you can see Brayton’s crime. Calling it a late hit is insanely euphemistic. The hit didn’t seem violent, but it was clear what Brayton’s intentions were. Next time, he should remember how safe he plays it, there are about 150,000 eyes and about 1,000 cameras on him. Getting away with this cheap shot wasn’t in the cards.

10. Pearland’s Street Football Snap

Once football season came around, there seemed to be a glut of videos that were trick plays in the truest sense. Good plays catch the opponent off guard after the snap. These devious plays catch the defenses off guard well before the snap. Whether or not they seem cheap, one thing’s for sure: these same plays won’t be catching defenses off guard this time next year.

This play took place in the Super Bowl of high school football, the Texas 5A Championship Game at Cowboys Stadium. The defense is wondering what the hold up is, and before they can figure it out, the QB let’s fly to a receiver for a touchdown. Don’t fault the CB though. He stayed with the WR the whole way, but with no help, this play was made the second it was drawn up. This touchdown helped them win 28-24.

9. Driscoll Middle School Football Handoff Video

This play relies on the same deception as the previous play, but in middle school football, the stakes are decidedly lower, causing many to wonder at what price victory. Congrats, you outsmarted 11 tweens and their science teacher head coach. I somehow doubt this coaches phone is ringing off the hook with college jobs right now, but it was cool to behold nonetheless.

8. Metrodome Roof Collapse

While the video is shocking, what’s more shocking is that people expected an ancient trash bag to hold out all the snow of a Minnesota blizzard. It didn’t affect the Vikings season too terribly much, but it did make for some logistical issues in scheduling their past two games. Still less shocking than Brett Favre’s penis in the foreground with Crocs in the back, but we can’t show that picture, so we’ll show this video instead.

7. Jets Coach Trips Dolphin Player

He’s been suspended for the rest of the year for this little stunt, which seems like something of a light punishment, until I really thought about the crime he committed. It’s blatant, it’s awful, but it’s also completely understandable. I’ve been in situations where you freeze, your brain turns off, and you have the unenviable position of watching your body to see what it does. In this instance, it appeared that his body wanted to trip a Dolphin out of bounds with no regard for discretion. Which is exactly what happened.

6. Ref Gets Tossed By DeSoto Basketball Player

No context is really needed here. Player gets hit with a call, freaks out, settles down, then REALLY freaks out and tries to pile-drive the ref. He probably will never play organized basketball again, which is fine with anyone who’s seen the tape and probably perfect for the ref he attacked.

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