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Lara Alvarez Is Spain’s Latest Soccer Treat (Pics/Video)

by: JamieD On  Friday, January 14, 2011

Sara Carbonero is not the only smoking hot soccer reporter that Spain has to offer.  And while it may be tough to dethrone Sara as “The Sexiest Sports Reporter in the World,” according to FHM, her biggest threat to that title may come from within her own country.

Meet Lara Alvarez.  Much like Carbonero, Alvarez also possesses the beauty of a goddess with her long brown hair, gorgeous eyes and sparkling smile, not to mention the amazing body that you will find beneath that pretty face.  And much like her fellow Spanish soccer reporting smokeshow, Lara also has an appetite for Spanish footballers.  As for the latest treat to find himself on Lara’s menu, it just so happens to be Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, teammate of Sara Carbonero’s man, Iker Casillas.

With both of these babes now cheering on Real Madrid, they have almost certainly secured the title for hottest fan base.  Here is a closer look at Lara Alvarez.