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X-Games Official Gets Hit By A Snowmobile (Video)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The competitors are not the only ones who should be weary of the extreme dangers one faces during X-Games competitions.  The following video makes it clear that officials are also at risk during these events.

Val Meyer was one of the unlucky officials to learn that lesson as he was hit by the snowmobile of Bobby LePage during the X-Games Snowmobile SnoCross Finals.  The impact sent Meyer somersaulting into the air before crashing to the ground.  He is believed to have suffered a right tibia and fibula fracture and a left tibia plateau fracture.  The injuries will require him to undergo surgery.

The competitors at the X-Games tend to receive most of the accolades for their willingness to put their bodies on the line, but perhaps we should start showing some love for the race officials as well…That front flip was radical Meyer.  Get well soon.  And remember, X-Games chicks dig guys in casts.

Hat Tip – [Zach Is God]