Ines Sainz At Super Bowl Media Day To Interview Others, Be Interviewed (Pics)

Only at Super Bowl Media Day would a member of the media actually be the one fielding questions from other members of the media, but I guess when you have the looks, sex appeal and recent publicity of Ines Sainz, that kind of attention is expected.

It appears as though Sainz anticipated being on both ends of the microphone today as she was certainly dressed to impress.  And it looks like she impressed the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, who posted the following picture on his WhoSay account:

That picture was accompanied by the message, “Media Day in a nutshell. Ines Sainz getting interviewed. That’s Ines on the, uh, left.”

Something tells me Ben Roethlisberger is enjoying himself right now.  And so is that creepy guy in the background of the first pic with the hoodie and the cell phone. Way to look natural as you take a picture of Inez’s ass.  He must  have read the Stalker’s Handbook.

Hat Tip – [Robot Celeb]

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