15 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time (Including 4 Banned Ads)

Normally, Super Bowl commercials are pretty anticlimactic. People anticipate staggering works of clever comedic genius, and they end up getting sassy cartoon penguins or something. But since everyone’s in a big group and kinda drunk, they laugh and enjoy the commercials nonetheless. But recently, in an effort to differentiate their ads from the others, a number of companies have been pushing the envelope of sexiness to see what they can get away with. Sadly, they can’t get away with very much on such a big stage, but that’s why we have also included the “banned” ads. So feel free to take a trip down memory lane with the 15 hottest Super Bowl ads in recent history.

15. Carl’s Jr. – Kim Kardashian

Are salads sexy? Not really. Is Carl’s Jr.? Nah. Is Kim Kardashian? Yes. Very. This video got a rep for being too sexy, not for showing too much skin, but for showing her eat all…that…wet…fruit…so…slowly.

14. GoDaddy – Danica Patrick Enhanced

This video would be way sexier if it wasn’t so damn absurd. In this 2010 unaired spot, GoDaddy lets things get way out of hand, even by their ridiculous standards.

13. Motorola – Megan Fox

I’m pretty sure you could have Megan Fox trying to do her taxes or waiting at the DMV and it would make this list. Her in a bathtub is a no-brainer.

12. Banned Bud Light Ad

This ad got banned not for showing too much skin, but by referencing amateur porn. Yeah, as unwholesome as Super Bowl parties can be, you probably shouldn’t talk about making your own porn on that stage.

11. Bud Light – 2003 Yoga Ad

Two guys, sittin’ back, poundin’ brews while girls are contorting themselves into all sorts of different positions. No complaints here. That’s the life. It made the cut and aired during the Super Bowl, but it’s among the edgier ones that have.

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