15 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time (Including 4 Banned Ads)

10. Go Daddy – Committee

This one is as satirical as it is sexy, having come on the heels of the Janet Jackson Nipplegate hogwash. Of course, they weren’t going to get away with much in that climate, but it was entertaining to watch them try.

9. Victoria’s Secret – In the Mood for Love

Tame by Victoria’s Secret standards, but in front of a national audience, this one was a little risqué. It’s gotta be hard to sell lingerie to a hundred million people when you can’t show it. C’mon censors! Loosen up!

8. Go Daddy – Lola

Uhhh…This commercial might have been banned because it’s too sexy. Or maybe just because it is pretty tasteless and awful. A flamingly gay ex-football player starts a lingerie line with a website from GoDaddy. That’s it. Sometimes banned ads aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

7. Miller Light – Catfight

It’s trite, it’s pandering, and it’s completely cliché. But, at the end of the day, it’s two hot, wet girls fighting, so we’re willing to overlook the lack of inspiration in coming up with this one.

6. Doritos – Ali Landry

Though this is labeled as the ad that made Ali Landry famous, I feel like this ad actually is a play on the original (which was a little more risqué). Nonetheless, this Ali Landry chick captivated America by getting drenched by sprinklers after eating Doritos. Spoiler alert: girls that eat Doritos don’t actually look like that.

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