CBS Wont “Let Them Play” This NFLPA Ad (Videos)

With a lockout looming once the NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement expires on March 4th, all that the NFLPA is asking of the owners is to “let us play” next season.  They were hoping to get that message across with the following commercial:

That plan apparently didn’t work out too well as the Players Association wanted the commercial to air during CBS College Sports’ coverage of the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game on Saturday, only to have it turned down by the network.  What makes this ordeal that much more interesting is the fact that the NFLPA is the official sponsor of the event and were promised two minutes of airtime during the game.  I guess the owners are not the only ones driving a hard bargain these days.

Rather than just sit back and accept the network’s ruling on the commercial, the NFLPA has fired back with yet another advertisement, this time asking CBS to “Let it Air.”  Seems like a simplistic, yet calculated move by the players, as they believe their resilience will earn them an opportunity to address the public.  Hopefully they have more moves like this up their sleeve when they step up to the real bargaining table over the course of the next month.

In the meantime, here is a look at their most recent ad, “Let It Play,” which they have since submitted to CBS.  I wonder if this one will make the cut?

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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