Craig Adams Hits A Hockey Hole-In-One (Video)

If there were ever such thing as a hockey hole-in-one, it would probably look a little something like what took place following a shot off the stick of Craig Adams last night.

With the Pittsburgh Penguins leading the New York Islanders by a score of 2-0 late in the second period, the Pens appeared to be having such an easy time out on the ice that they decided to raise the difficulty level a few notches.  Rather than just score normal hockey goals (puck past the goalie, between the posts, your basic goal), Adams decided to go for a smaller hole; the one made from a water bottle holder on top of the net.

What appeared to be a simple wrist shot off the stick of the Penguins’ forward gave Islanders’ goaltender Rick DiPietro some trouble as the puck deflected off his stick, up his arm, onto the net and into the cup for the hockey hole-in-one.

Shouldn’t Adams win a car or a giant check for this shot?

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