Lil Wayne’s “Green & Yellow” Is The New Packers Theme Song (Audio)

Were you wondering who Lil Wayne will be rooting for at this Sunday’s Super Bowl?  Okay, so you probably weren’t, but this song should help answer that question anyways.

It seems like just about every sports team is using the tune from Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” song these days to make their own theme song.  We have already seen the Pittsburgh Penguins travel down this road and now they are joined by the Green Bay Packers.  Although, it looks like the Pack went with someone a little more popular than the man who calls himself “MC Five Hole.”

So how will the Steelers respond?  On second thought, do they even have to?  After all, Wiz Khalifa and company already showed Steeler Nation some love with their terrible towels in the original.

Here is Lil’ Wayne’s “Green & Yellow.”

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