The 11 Best (and 6 Worst) Super Bowl XLV Commercials


Chevy Cruze – Status

If you need to hear Facebook status updates while you drive, it’s time to kill yourself.

Stella Artois – Crying Jean

An overwrought commercial for an overrated beer. I hope they paid Adrien a sh*t ton of money to embarrass himself with this garbage.

Chrysler – Eminem

I kept waiting for the follow up ad in which Eminem returns to find his car stolen. I’m still waiting.

Sketchers – Kim Kardashian Is a Shoe Whore

A girl who is famous for being a wh*re uses her ass to sell shoes. Go figure.

GoDaddy – Models

The first GoDaddy ad featuring a hot chick testifying before congress was hilarious and clever. But since then, they’ve continually run the concept into the ground. This year was no exception. Jesus Christ, GoDaddy. Do something original. – The Baby Peas

What could be worse than the Black Eyed Peas? How about the Black Eyed Peas as horrifying computer animated babies. I didn’t think I could hate that band with any more passion, but this add proved me wrong. Thanks!

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