25 Years Later, Spud Webb Can Still Dunk (Video)

In 1986, Spud Webb shocked the world when he entered the NBA Slam Dunk Competition.  Even his own teammate, Dominique Wilkins, had no clue the 5’7 Atlanta Hawks guard could dunk, but it wouldn’t take him long to learn that fact as Webb would go on to win the competition, thanks to several awe-inspiring slams.

Twenty-five years later, Webb is working as an NBA D-League exec, and while the 47-year-old may not be able to throw down one of those 180-degree reverse double-pump slams, he can still elevate enough to perform a dunk.  That is a rather remarkable feat for any 5’7 individual, but it is all the more impressive when that individual is approaching the age of fifty.

Here is Spud showing up some of his D-League players.

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